In 2015 it’s all about deals. Real Deals. Deals to buy. Deals to sell. Deals to build. Deals to finance. Deals to manage.

Which is why Hotels Investment World, the region’s leading event for CEO’s and other senior executives in the money end of the hotel industry, is the Real Deal. It’s the place to create, plan, promote, close and learn about Real Deals. Big deals, small deals, all kinds of deals. Deals that help make our industry move forward.

Hotels Investment World is part of HotelsWorld, a suite of three consecutive events over three days that together are the Real Deal, because they are where to meet and network with the deal creators, the deal doers, the deal lenders and the deal advisers. The people who make the decisions and run the industry.

With more than 400 CEO’s and other industry leaders in the audience, and more than 100 eminent global and local speakers on the stage, HotelsWorld 2015 will be the place to be for people who want to learn about and participate in the world of deals, and meet the deal makers in our region. And that’s a big deal.

HotelsWorld 2015, Boutique & Lifestyle Hotels World and Hotels Investment World will be held from 27th to 29th July 2015 in Sydney and will deliver unparalleled industry meetings, designed around the goals of delivering insight, ideas and networking.

For further information about HotelsWorld, Hotels Investment World and Lifestyle Hotels World, contact John Smith at Horwath HTL Australia on (+61) 418 447 222 or email

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